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How does it work?

All the answers to your questions about how SizerPro works

How is the size of an employee determined?

The employee’s size is determined via an algorithm that computes four metrics – age, sex, height and weight – and runs that through a database of over 30,000 morphologies. Then, SizerPro matches that information with the unique garment and recommends the best size with 90% accuracy.

How can SizerPro be so accurate with so little information?

SizerPro is a self-learning software, it uses historical data to polish its recommendations and adapt to the employee’s job and industry. It also take into account individual preferences on how to wear the garment (fit) as well as any potential for shrinking after it has been washed.

What happens if an employee prefers a size other than the one recommended by SizerPro?

It is often the case with employees wearing garments in a specific way (very tight or very loose) and who know their working clothes well. You can also take a different size than the one recommended by SizerPro.

What happens with accessories other than clothing (shoes, helmets, etc.)?

These other accessories are included in the catalog. You are able to enter the desired sizes for these accessories. SizerPro saves you from centralizing your customer’s order.

How to deal with absentees and newcomers?

SizerPro eliminates the need for repeated ‘on-site’ events or for outdated samples to be left behind. Within the software solution, access can be granted to an administrator who can remotely manage the size attribution process for new employees.  SizerPro automatically generates a personalised report identifying, with photos and details, the garments required for the employee to select. Additional information on material, fit description and quantity of items are all included for the benefit of the employee.

How are non-standard physical profiles managed?

The management method for non-standard profiles is specific to each of our clients: this is why we determine together what will be the procedure to apply in each situation. Among the possibilities are to take measurements, refer to ready-to-wear sizes, redirection to other garments designed for out-of-the-ordinary profiles etc. SizerPro adapts to your needs to put in place the best solution!

Does SizerPro work for tailored clothing?

We have developed a body scan application that makes it very easy to obtain all the measurements of an individual with his smartphone. The SizerPro custom option is not included in the SizerPro tool by default.


My data

SizerPro guarantees the security and confidentiality of your data and those of your customers.

What information does SizerPro need about the clothes?

SizerPro uses the measurements of the clothes available in their technical sheet. You already have all this information, you have no additional work to provide to find it.

Is my information kept confidential?

SizerPro guarantees the confidentiality of all provided information. Under no circumstances will SizerPro disclose or communicate information about your clothing, your customers or any other confidential information about your company to a competitor or any other third party.

Does SizerPro use my information?

We use data from the measurements only to improve our tool and provide you with data analysis reports to better understand your customers and optimize your sizing guides. No other use is or will be made of provided data.

How do I access sizing results?

From the administrator area, you can access all the information on the measurement campaigns and their progress. Your employees can also access information from one or more campaigns if you have given them access to it. If you have an ERP, we automatically upload all the information taken by SizerPro onto it.

Can my customer access sizing process data?

SizerPro automatically generates a notice of operation with all employees for the recommended clothing sizes. This notice of operation can be signed by the client to validate the work that has been done or just sent for information to the client.

SizerPro can also send each employee who wishes to do so a clothing sheet containing information on the clothing he will have and the recommended sizes.

Can one of my employees extract data for the sizing process?

An employee can extract information on a measurement in only a few clicks. Data can be downloaded into Excel, PDF and CSV formats. Be aware that your data is automatically uploaded to your company’s ERP if you have one.


First steps

Everything you need to know to get started with SizerPro

How does the SizerPro set-up work?

You provide us with the required information and our technicians take care of the rest! Indexing clothes, creating customer profiles, configuring access, into the ERP,… Focus on what matters, our teams take care of the set-up.

How do I manage the different measurement campaigns?

From the administrator area, you can configure which employee has access to which customer and which measurement campaign.  The administrator area gives you an overview of the progress of all campaigns and a history of your past campaigns, all accessible by a filter option.

How do my employees learn to use SizerPro?

SizerPro is an intuitive, ultra-practical software that is very friendly to use: no training is required. If your employees have any questions, our teams are at their disposal to answer their questions directly.


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