SizerPro rethinks the entire sizing process.

With SizerPro, a few clicks are enough:

Simple and practical


Information gathering

With SizerPro, a few simple questions are enough to establish the employee’s correct size


Measurement computing

SizerPro computes the employee’s measurements then crosses them with the dimensions of the clothes


Size recommendation

SizerPro recommends the size with a precision greater than 90%

SizerPro enhances the productivity of your teams

Modern and efficient


SizerPro accompanies you during each step

A complete solution

  • Internal logistics

    Less items to move, less staff for the sizing process

  • Logistics for the customer

    Spend less time on sizing and more time focusing on your clients

  • Management of absentees and newcomers

    The perfect solution for late orders

  • Data process

    Collect, process and analyze your data to optimize your services

Features suited for your needs.

Thought and designed for you

Integration and initialization

Integration and initialization

SizerPro takes care of everything! Clothes indexing, creation of customer profiles, transcoding table, etc.

Absentees and Newcomers

Absentees and Newcomers

No need to come back : you can grant access to an internal referent to manage the new sizing process



Customize the procedure to manage non-standard profiles according to your operations

Sessions' organization

Sessions' organization

Easily import the employee list and schedule the size-up session in advance

Campaign managment

Campaign managment

Monitor progress and manage access to all your campaigns on a single interface

Operation ticket

Operation ticket

Instantly edit an operation ticket to validate your work with the client



Our technicians are always available and ready to answer questions from you or your employees

100% secured data

100% secured data

SizerPro guarantees with AWS absolute confidentiality and the safeguarding of your data

Start using SizerPro now and divide your costs by 5 !

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